How important is the right to arms? The first thing the NP government did was deny blacks the right to firearm ownership for good reason. The NP did not want to face armed angry blacks. Governments throughout the world have done the same for the same reason. They do not want to face angry armed citizens.   The... 
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Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.  Attributed to Benjamin Franklin.  Do we understand what it means? .Can we think of an example to show the validity of that understanding?   The founding fathers have to be admired, as politicians... 
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Funny people with guns
Crazy people make our lives more interesting. there are many funny pictures of people with guns  Read More →
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A fine collection of every kind of gun
This is a fine collection of every kind of gun that you can imagine that is used in combat. There is every kind of hand gun, rifle, assault weapon, machine gun, and every type of ammunition that you can think of…! CZ model 1938,M74,M4,GLOCK 17,CZ 38  Read More →
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A funny comic with guns
What might have happened on sept 11 if this were truly The land of the free Hey Relax! We just thought the pilot might have some boxes that needed opening  Read More →
Funny gun pics
I’ve seen some posts with funny pics of guns, i thought i could post them here. Cell phone gun: BBQ: This is actually a real functioning gun that someone created. Called the Liberalator. LOL i love the hair dryer one. Actual hair dryer: This picture still makes me laugh everytime I see it!!! Mexican... 
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living in peace
We all want to live in peace having the safety and freedom we deserve because anything less is not life but misery and slavery. We do not choose misery or slavery as a way of life, not under any circumstances because we know that there is no future in it. Why then do we succumb to con-artists and slick sales of stuff... 
Common Gun Control Arguments and Counter Arguments
The subject of gun control has always created a political and social debate regarding the restriction and availability of guns and firearms. In American politics for instance, gun control has been a controversial issue that has not been easy to manage or control. Research and surveys has proved that majority of Americans... 
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Arguments for Gun Control and Firearms
Several federal laws have being enacted to promote the regulation of firearms and ammunitions since 1934. Congress is still debating on the efficacy and the constitutionality of these federal laws; this has raised several arguments for gun control and against gun control. Many a time, crime and morality statistics... 
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Evaluating the Arguments about Gun Control
If we talk in general terms, then gun control is the effort made by governing bodies or state authoritarians to restrict or keep a check on the production, manufacturing, sale, purchase and usage of arms and ammunitions to ensure law and order and safety of the people. This is one issue in American politics which has... 
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