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Funny gun pics

I’ve seen some posts with funny pics of guns, i thought i could post them here.

funny gun pictures

Cell phone gun:

Cell phone gun


funny gun pics

This is actually a real functioning gun that someone created. Called the Liberalator.

gun pics

LOL i love the hair dryer one.

Actual hair dryer:

hairdryer gun

hair dryer

gun pics

picture of a gun

picture of a gun

This picture still makes me laugh everytime I see it!!!
Mexican Navy SEAL team!

picture of a gun

chicks with guns

Bear Handgun Guns In Parks

cat with gun

gun pics

gun pics


This one just became my wallpaper, i cant stop laughing.

gun pics

much humor in waving guns around

this is too funny….when you can’t afford a gun, get one permanently attached!

gun pics

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